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China Huayun Meteorological Technology Group Corporation (Hereinafter referred to as "Huayun") was approved to be established in 2012. Its predecessor is China National Huayun Technology Development Corporation, solely founded by China Meteorological Administration in 1992. It's a technical and operative state-owned enterprise, mainly engaged in meteorological detection, development, production, sales of thunder and lightning prevention and service assurance, which is an integral part, important way of realization and assurance of China meteorology. Currently, it has formed 5 control departments, 3 wholly-owned subsidiaries, 13 holding subsidiaries, 2 cooperative entities, 4 shareholding subsidiaries, mainly engaged in automatic weather observation, meteorological radar, satellite remote sensing, lightning monitoring and protection, agricultural and weather modification, etc., which is solution supplier of meteorological observation product and system with the largest scale and most data in Asia.

Huayun regards "At the Service of Responding to Climate Change, Developing Low-Carbon Economy, Meteorology Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, People's Welfare and Happiness" as the purpose, adhering to the concept of "Aiming High for Excellence" and the principle of "Integrity, Innovation, Precision, Collaboration, and Development". Huayun will keep pace with global meteorological science and technology development based on market demand at home and abroad, and endeavors to make independent innovation and promote technological achievement transformation, forging world-class high-tech industry group in the field of meteorology.