Meteorological Mobile Detection Shelter

10-04-2014Source:China Meteorological News Press

It adopts advanced shelter of big plate structure and business vehicle to construct the basic loading platform and flexibly chooses and combines them as per different transportation chassis and constructs a new motor equipment system of meteorology with functions of command, communication, mobile observation etc.


The system basically constructs vehicle platform, multi-element automatic meteorology station, satellite communication system, computer network system, individual image transmission system, audio communication system, power supply system, lighting system and comprehensive guarantee system, etc.


Figure 4 Mobile meteorological observation system


1) The basic functions of the system

It equips meteorology station of each grade with a mobile platform system with functions of meteorology observation, site emergency command and communication guarantee. As the extension of meteorology emergency command system application, it is used for site command and dispatch, communication guarantee in major emergencies, emergency rescue and disaster relief inside and outside of the industry, and it is turned into the extension and complement of fixed command center.
The system is featured as being flexible and of reliable performance. It can be used not only as an independent communication axis on the site for site command and communication but also as a far-end communication point to keep real time communication and information transmission with command center.


·Quickly arrive and set up at emergency scene;
·Quickly gather the information of site and the surrounding meteorological elements, live meteorological;
· Real-time exchange the observational data and meteorological information to rear support bases and command centers;
·On-site comprehensive analysis of observational information, produce meteorological services products, carry out on-site meteorological emergency support services;
·Implement the command and dispatch of on-site meteorological  emergency services, provide on-site meteorological emergency support services.
·System configuration