Integrated meteorological observation data processing platform

09-07-2014Source:China Meteorological News Press

1.1.1 Unified data collection platform of CAWSAnyWhere


The unified data collection platform of regional automatic station is an automatic station data collection, processing and application system developed specially for the ground meteorological observation networks of our country. This platform software is mainly made up of two components: the central station software of CAWSAnyWhere 2010 unified version regional station and WEB meteorological information application system. The condition for incompatible software of each manufacturer's central station may be effectively solved at present after the system is operated.


·Unified access to all mainstream manufacturers and a variety of regional stations.

·Multi-level deployment, which may realize simultaneous acquisition of data at the county, municipal and provincial level.

·Push the data through real-time quality control to the application interface in 3 minutes. 

·Provide the optimal data interface for short-term near warning system

·Base on the database storage mode that can expand with the site

·Automatic operation with fine fault-tolerant capability

·Single server capable of receiving and processing more than 5000 stations steadily. 

·Seamless connection with the existing operational platform ensures smooth upgrade

·Display observation efficiency based on the meteorological information application of WEBGIS. 


Main interface of CAWSAnywhere

Multistation quantity and quality inquiry

Log retrieval and terminal maintenance

Data statistics

Rainfall and temperature sequence

Wind sequence chart and rose chart


1.1.2 Integrated OSSMO ground-based station observation platform


An integrated ground-based station observation platform is the operational automatic station software programmed on the basis of the ground meteorological observation specification, which can be applied to base station, basic station, general station and other type of ground stations, also applied to civil aviation, environment and other ground meteorological observation stations. By applying a large amount of dynamic link library for programming, the system is featured by clear structure and reasonable function and consistence with the work habit of operators, which is convenient for maintenance and upgrading.


·Able to connect with the automatic weather stations of first generation and second generation, and realize real-time acquisition of ground observing data, monitoring at fixed time and equipment monitoring.

·Provide support for the automatic weather stations of each manufacturer and all models, with good extensibility.

·Automatically retrieve the data collected by automatic stations, generate and issue different meteorological reports, provide maintenance of data files, and generate the nationwide ground meteorological data format file, data audit, a variety of forms of meteorological reports and work quality management.

·Support of several communication modes enabling the uploading of timing information, encryption observation command issuing, encryption observation data uploading, uploading of the status data of automatic weather stations, remote monitoring of automatic weather stations.

Main interface of OSSMO

Data display and download of historical data

Operating state and terminal maintenance

Data and Log viewing

Editor Hao Jing