Operation monitoring system



The monitored content of the operation monitoring platform of comprehensive meteorological observation system is designed to realize the comprehensive operation monitoring of automatic stations, mobile weather radars, routine weather radars, weather radars of new generations, wind profile radars, automatic radiosonde stations, thunder observing station, automatic soil moisture observing station and several meteorological detection equipment and operational equipment, so as to fulfil technical equipment support management task.


The overall construction scale of the integrated meteorological observation operation monitoring system is as follow: 


National operation monitoring centers: realize the real-time monitoring on the operating situation of large equipment in all regions, know the state of macro running of all types of equipment, make statistics and analysis over fault rates, the rate of lack of measurement and data validity of each station network equipment system, provide decision-making basis for management and construction of national meteorological equipment security.


Regional (district, city) operation monitoring centers: realize the real-time monitoring, technical support and security of equipment operating status in the whole region, make statistics and analysis over fault rates, the rate of lack of measurement and data validity of each station network equipment system, instruct on station equipment support and business management, and undertake a variety of technical support management tasks at the same time.


Local operation monitoring information application platforms: realize the real-time operation monitoring, technical support and safeguard of automatic stations (including regional stations) in the area; provide instruction on equipment support and operational management.



Operation monitoring platform of integrated meteorological observation system



The system is made up of eight functional subsystems:


The running state monitoring subsystem: collect, monitor and evaluate the technical parameters, operating state, warning message and operational data of all comprehensive meteorological detecting instruments. This subsystem consists of several national and regional platforms, with the function of horizontal and vertical extension to provide a variety of monitoring services to different users.  


The data quality monitoring subsystem: collect, monitor, analyze and evaluate the quality of observational data of detecting systems. Capable of horizontal and vertical extension, the subsystem can be deployed on the two-level of national or regional systems to establish the two-level data quality monitoring system.


The observation station network information control subsystem: establish a comprehensive meteorological observation network information control service system and realize effective management of observation network information composed of a variety of detecting systems, including geographical information, configuration and distribution of observation instruments, serving as basic data to offer services for other systems that need observation networks.


The fault maintenance information management subsystem: meteorological technology equipment, technical support and other maintenance information. The comprehensive management of equipment technology security consisting of the national and regional platforms, is realized by running the real-time equipment operating state information collected by the monitoring system and meteorological equipment maintenance information.


The operation monitoring management subsystem: mainly the national operation monitoring management, together with local operation monitoring management, including daily monitoring on-duty management, emergent security technology management, comprehensive evaluation of equipment operation quality and evaluation of technical security. Provide a unified operational management platform for a standardized and strict operation management and technical guarantee system.  


The monitoring analysis service subsystem: mainly the construction of the national operation monitoring analysis service system. Provide equipment operation performance evaluation, data quality control, and failure equipment analysis.


The equipment supply support subsystem: provide effective monitoring for the quantity, operating status and category of running equipment in existing comprehensive meteorological observation, as well as the inventory quantity, structure and layout of spare parts, so as to realize real-time online management of all operating equipment and spare parts.


Through integration of the existing resources, these subsystems constitute jointly an open, integrated and intensive weather operation monitoring and technical support security system by making use of advanced technology under a unified technical framework. The system integrates “real-time monitoring, operation security, business evaluation, information management and decision-making support” into an organic whole: provide alarm and tracking by analyzing abnormal operating status of meteorological equipment; respond quickly to different types of faults reported by the station to provide effective technical support services; ensure the scheduling and deployment of major weather processes or major incidents and provide technical support and scientific basis for comprehensive evaluation and leadership decision-making of the equipment departments at all levels.


Editor Hao Jing