Shandong: the first new-generation dual-polarization weather radar completes technical testing

04-12-2018Source:China Meteorological News Press

On November 30, technical personnel from Shandong provincial meteorological service completed the technical testing of its first new-generation dual-polarization weather radar.

This weather radar is located in the radar station in Qihe, Jinan. This instrument boasts evident advantages in sounding accuracy, resolution and precipitation estimation accuracy. Dual-polarization data will better represent the size, form, and precipitation types of the particles. This weather radar will distinguish meteorological and non-meteorological echoes, and better eliminate non- meteorological echoes; estimate precipitation and snow more accurately; and detect and forewarn hail area. The operation of this radar will play an instrumental role in ramping up meteorological monitoring and forecasting. (Dec. 4)

Author: Ma Hui, Zheng Min

Editor: Liu Shuqiao