Dew point temperature and moisture sensor is developed

09-01-2019Source:China Meteorological News Press

Recently, dew point temperature and moisture sensor development project has been approved in Nanjing, Jiangsu. This project has realized the accurate measurement of ground atmospheric temperature and moisture.

The accurate identification of congelation is the key to the device design. The team has abandoned traditional photoelectric identification principle, adopted mature imaging processing technology, and realize the identification of dew and frost by combing smart algorithms.

The team has placed research results in trial operation in 7 automatic stations and conducted continuous observation of factors like air pressure, temperature, moisture, and wind direction and speed, in a bid to test all functions of this device. The results showcase that this device is in stable working mode and boasts wide-ranging application values. (Jan. 8)

Reporter: Wan Xia

Editor: Liu Shuqiao