Introduction of crop model of National Meteorological Center

19-05-2017Source:China Meteorological News Press

Website of National Meteorological Center (NMC) provides information of corn, rice and wheat modeling products, as well as comparative analysis of panicle weight of corn and rice based on crop modeling. These quantitative products embody crop model operational application and the work conducted by NMC in pushing forward agricultural meteorological service supply-side reform. The realization of crop model operational application is attributable to the concerted efforts made by NMC and multiple provincial agro-meteorological institutes for over three years.

Facilitating refined agricultural meteorological services by means of crop modeling

In January, 2013, NMC set up the innovation team of crop model operational application. By introducing major international crop models of WOFOST、ORYZA2000、WHEATSM, the team has addresses key technological issues, reinforced the support of crop models for agricultural meteorological operation, and contributed to a higher level of quantitative and refined agricultural meteorological services. In the meanwhile, NMC also undertook 2013 special charitable industry scientific research “crop model comparison and its operational application. It also joined forces with China Agricultural University and Shanghai Meteorological Service, and realized dynamic monitoring of crop growth, quantitative evaluation of disaster impact, and dynamic prediction of crop yield, thus elevating the agricultural meteorological service capability.

Overall technical route Provided by Wang Wenfeng

Mr. Bi Baogui, Director of NMC says that crop model means a lot to agro-meteorological services. In China, the key in crop model research lies in the combination of crop growth model, cultivation of optimized model, and expert know-how.

Localization and platform research and development are key technological bottlenecks

NMC joins hands with related units in conducting scientific research projects, take full account of operational demand, and have made marked headway in parameter sensitivity analysis, parameter localization, model adaptability evaluation, regionalized application of crop models, operational application platform research and development, and trial application of crop model operation.

In its application, a stable software supporting platform is essential. The innovation team conducted research and development, and formulate a platform with convenient operation, simple interface, comprehensive functions and application-prone feature. At present, it has realized the one-point operation of three major crops and attempted to work out grid point version.

Key Technologies embodied in crop model operational application provided by Wang Wenfeng

Crop model has realized full-fledged operational application

Through over three years’ efforts, NMC has realized the full-blown operational application of crop model, composed of winter wheat dry-hot wind disaster impact quantitative evaluation, North China summer corn drought relief pre-evaluation, dynamic and quantitative meteorological forecast of crop yield. Furthermore, NMC website also releases information on corn, rice, and wheat area index, weekly modeling products of biomass, and panicle weight figures on a regular basis.

Spatial distribution map of crop growth parameter Provided by Wang Wenfeng

So far, crop growth model has undergone trial application in climate impact, evaluation, agricultural meteorological disaster early warning and crop yield forecasting. National Climate Center (NCC) has applied related models in future climatic situation prediction. Heilongjiang Institute of Meteorological Sciences has applied the model in rice and corn yield forecast.

Besides, NMC and CMA Training Centre, together with Shanghai municipal climate center and institutes of meteorological sciences in Henan, Hunan, Heilongjiang, Chongqing and so on have compiled the guideline on crop model application. This initiative further reinforces the dynamic and comprehensive research on agricultural meteorological service products and lifts the overall capability of agricultural meteorological services.

The crop model application has scored preliminary results. But it still has a huge gap with meeting the service demand. The NMC will continue to beef up the innovation team, and make full use of data derived from existing agricultural meteorological observation stations and experimental stations, automatic soil moisture stations and meteorological stations, and realize the normalized application of the crop model. (May. 19)

Reporter: Huang Bin, Wang Wenfeng

Editor: Liu Shuqiao

Art Editor: Guo Manru