AOMSUC to establish effective platform and long-term cooperative mechanism

25-11-2014Source:China Meteorological News Press

Members of International Conference Steering Committee (ICSC) of AOMSUC in the picture.


On Nov.21, the Statement of Fifth Asia Oceania Meteorological Satellite Users' Conference (AOMSUC) was issued in Shanghai. According to the Statement, the secretariat was suggested to be established in order to promote the regional users benefiting from meteorological satellite observation data and products.


The Statement pointed out that the AOMSUCs provided an excellent forum for members within the Asia Oceania community to meet and improve their joint efforts in the utilization of satellite data and products for enhanced weather and climate services since 2010. The conferences have proven effective in promoting the importance of satellite observations and highlighting their utility; advancing satellite remote sensing science by enabling information exchange between scientists from the Asia/Oceania region and focusing on regional issues; providing a means for satellite operators to interact directly with the user community with respect to current and future satellite related activities and plans and respond to the requirements of those users, and engaging young scientists entering the field. 


The participants reached further the following consensuses: an annual satellite user conferences with focus areas that reflect the needs of Asia/Oceania; to retain the current mandate of the International Conference Steering Committee (ICSC) of AOMSUC, to proceed with an ICSC that is composed of a chair that is chosen by the ICSC, a co-chair from the host country , preferably the permanent representative with WMO.


Statement suggests to establish a permanent secretariat to sustain the AOMSUC mechanism by facilitating the organization and coordination of future AOMSUCs, supporting the ICSC meetings, liaising with EUMETSAT and NOAA conference secretariats.  The secretariat would reside within the WMO Space Programme Office as volunteer and in-kind contribution secondments and/or trust fund of the satellite operators and countries of the Asia-Oceania region.


AOMSUCs will continue to contribute to building an effective platform and a long-term cooperative mechanism that engages meteorological satellite operators and users in the Asia-Oceania region and in the rest of the world at large. (Nov.25)


Editor Hao Jing