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China Meteorological Education Corporation established

Source:China Meteorological News Press21-04-2015

On April 20, the CMEC inaugurating meeting was held in Beijing.

Zheng Guoguang and Du Yubo exchanged the views on talents training.


On April 20, the meteorological education symposium and the China Meteorological Education Corporation (CMEC) inaugurating meeting was held in Beijing. The meeting focused on improving mechanism and the quality of meteorological talent training. Participants discussed and exchanged views on promoting the Guidance on Strengthening Meteorological Talent Training.


Dr. Zheng Guoguang, Administrator of China Meteorological Administration (CMA), Mr. Du Yubo, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China (MOE) attended the meeting. Dr. Xu Xiaofeng, Deputy Administrator of CMA chaired the meeting. Dr. Yu Rucong, Deputy Administrator of CMA and Mr. Zhang Daliang, Director-General of Department of Higher Education of MOE made reports about meteorology discipline construction and meteorological talent training in colleges, and improving the quality of meteorological personnel training.


Zheng reviewed the contribution of meteorological education to the development of meteorological service in the past years, analyzed the current gap between meteorological education and the needs of modern meteorological operation development, and made recommendations for implementation of the Guideline.


He said we should develop detailed programs and specific initiatives to fully implement the Guidance, promote meteorology discipline construction in universities around the needs of national meteorological modernization, and constantly improve meteorological talent training system. Meanwhile, meteorological departments, education departments, colleges, and related sectors should strengthen cooperation, and build long-term mechanism of sustainable development for meteorological education.


At the meeting, CMEC was established, aiming to strengthen cooperation of the member units, and promote the teaching quality and level of meteorology education. Colleges in meteorological field, institutes, enterprises, and national and provincial meteorological sectors can apply to join the CMEC. (Apr. 21)


Du Yubo and other participants visited CMA.

Du Yubo and other participants visited CMA.

Du Yubo and other participants visited CMA.


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