CMA launched level Ⅱ emergency in response to Typhoon Mujigae

04-10-2015Source:Central Meteorological Office

The National Meteorological Center issued red warning of typhoon at 6:00 a.m. on October 4.

At 7:30 on October 4, Mujigae, this year’s 22th typhoon, was centered on northern South China Sea, about 170 miles away from Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province.
Typhoon Mujigae is predicted to move to the northwest at a speed of 20~25 km per hour with a stable strength. At midday of October 4, it is forecasted to make landfall on coastal Guangdong (strong typhoon level, scale 14~15, 45~50 m/s). On the evening of October 4, it will reach Beibu Gulf with a shrinking force, and later that evening it will make another landfall on coastal Guangxi (typhoon level, scale 12~13, 33~40 m/s).

Accordingly, relevant departments attached to China Meteorological Administration have activated Level  Ⅱ  emergency in response to the typhoon. Hainan, Guangdong and Guangxi, which are most probably affected by this typhoon, remain on high alert and should pay close attention to emergencies and make sound preparedness.  (October 4)

Editor: Wu Peng