CMA publicized the main weather and climate characteristics of 2015 in China

04-01-2016Source:China Meteorological News Press

On December 30, China Meteorological Administration (CMA) stated the main weather and climate characteristics that have shaped 2015 across China at a press conference.


Firstly, the annual average temperature is above normal. As of December 28, the annual average temperature was 10.6℃, 0.9℃ above the historical average.


Secondly, the annual average precipitation is also above normal. As of the end of this year, the annual average precipitation increased by 3.1% than normal level and reached 648.4mm.


Lastly, 2015 has saw quite a few extreme weather and climate events such as heat wave, sharp drop in temperature and extreme rainfall, and some of them can last for a long time. According to the statistics data, China has been tortured by 265 events of extreme high temperature this year. Furthermore, Xinjiang, Southwest China and Liaoning suffered most among the affected areas.


In addition, up to 346 meteorological locations have experienced drastic drop in daily temperature and the temperature can suddenly drop by 10~20℃. The weather data showed that Northeast China, North China and Northwest China have the most exposure to such cases.The events of extreme daily precipitation have been recorded by 218 meteorological stations, and 36 of them have set new records. (January 4)

Reporter Tangmiao
Editor Wu Peng