CMA releases climate bulletin to show 2015 is the warmest year since 1961

13-01-2016Source:China Meteorological News Press

On Jan.12, China Meteorological Administration (CMA) released China Climate Bulletin (2015). Vice director of National Climate Center Chao Qingchen says temperature is the highest since 1961, lighter disasters, shorter rainy season in North China, less landing typhoons but stronger, frequent fog and haze in central-eastern China in 2015.
 According to the Bulletin, the anomaly of annual mean surface air temperature over China in 2015 is 0.95℃, and it becomes the warmest year since 1961. The warmer air temperature is not only observed in the annual mean, but it is also found in each season in 2015.


The annual mean precipitation in 2015 is 648.8mm, 3 % more than normal. More anomalies of precipitation are observed in the most areas of the middle and low reaches of Yangtze River basin, Guangxi and Xinjiang. However, less precipitations are observed in west of Southwest, Hainan and Liaoning provinces. The nation-wide of seasonal precipitation is less in winter and summer, near normal in spring, but obviously above normal in autumn. The spatial distribution exhibits more autumn rainfall anomalies in the south area but less rainfall in the north in Huaxi region.


The natural hazards, caused by the heavy rainfall, floods and droughts is lighter in 2015, and the hazard-caused mortalities and areas decrease significantly in contrast to the counterparts of recent 15 years. A large number of heavy rain attack the South China, which cause the south flooding and north drought during the summer monsoon season. The number of landing typhoon is less, but the intensity of landing typhoon is stronger. For instance, the landing Typhoon of Mujigae has caused the severe disasters.


There are eleven large-scale and persistent haze events over China in 2015. The frequent fog and haze evets hit mid-eastern China during November and December. 


"The weather and climate of 2015 is related to El Nino. Owing to 2016 is El Nino subsequent year, the weather and climate must be monitored closely. " (Jan.13)


Editor Hao Jing