CMA to dispatch experts conducting training for Central and Southeast Asia

27-03-2017Source:China Meteorological News Press

It is reported that China Meteorological Administration (CMA) will dispatch experts to execute on-site technical fieldwork and training, in a bid to enhance the capabilities of harnessing MICAPS, CMACast, and geostationary meteorological satellites, bolster weather forecasting capabilities of underdeveloped countries in Asia.

MICAPS is a significant initiative of CMA to support WMO Voluntary Cooperation Programme (VCP). So far, it has been put in place in over 20 countries and regions in Asia. Furthermore, China has also aided 19 countries along “One Belt, One Road” in the installation of CMACast. These advanced facilities have played a pivotal role in boosting the weather prediction capabilities of these countries. Given the lack of high caliber talents and advanced computer management system, how to utilize the existing facilities is the bottleneck of enhancing forecasting level. Therefore, China will conduct comprehensive meteorological forecast training for some countries, share advanced meteorological forecast methods, and help related countries enhance forecasting skills.

From March 13 to March 19, expert group has been dispatched to State Organization of Hydrometeorology of Tajikistan for training of the maintenance of CMACast, MICAPS upgrading, system management and weather forecast. (Mar. 27)

Reporter: Li Yipeng

Editor: Liu Shuqiao