CMA released opinions on advancing satellite remote sensing integrated application

06-07-2017Source:China Meteorological News Press

On June 27, China Meteorological Administration (CMA) released opinions on building an integrated application system of satellite remote sensing (hereinafter referred to as Opinions). According to the Opinions, meteorological departments will establish a satellite remote sensing application system with reasonable layout and high efficiency by 2020. At that time the capability of supplying satellite data and products will be significantly enhanced and the application of satellite remote sensing is set to approach the advanced world level.

Currently, Fengyun satellites have weaved into an observation network and different satellites can back up each other in data collection and storage. In this way CMA is able to receive and process a large quantity of data from dozens of satellites at home and abroad. However, the application of satellite buttressing the whole network still has weaknesses in system and mechanism, operations and applications.

The Opinions has anchored the major targets in advancing applications of satellite remote sensing. Firstly, a system of observation quality monitoring and management will be set up and the quality control process will cover all the operational products. Secondly, the efficiency of data acquisition and sharing will be kicked into the next level. Specifically, polar orbiting satellites will only need less than two hours to transmit the global data back. We can also achieve the near-real time sharing of basic remote sensing products and data. Thirdly, the satellite data is expected to take up more than 90% of the data assimilated by numerical prediction models. The accuracy of China’s regional satellite climate data will parallel or outpace its foreign counterparts. Lastly, the remote sensing application system will become a big supporter of national strategy and find its popular use in areas related to national economy.

To meet the need of addressing climate change, preventing disasters and reducing damages, serving ecological civilization construction and “Belt and Road” initiatives, CMA will commit to enhancing the application of satellite data in numerical prediction, providing custom-made products and high-accuracy datasets, etc. (July 6)

Reporter Lu Jian

Editor Wu Peng