A joint centre for satellite application research is set up

12-07-2017Source:China Meteorological News Press

In order to further strengthen the basic research on satellite application and solve the key scientific and technological problems, the Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences, the National Satellite Meteorological Centre and the College of Atmospheric Sciences, Nanjing University jointly built the Joint Centre for Satellite Research and Applications on July 7.

It's the first joint research centre in the fields of meteorological satellite applications research. The main tasks of centre include the establishment of satellite microwave and calibration processing integrated system of infrared atmospheric detector which all possess international standards, the development of advanced radiation transmission system to apply to China's numerical prediction models, and meteorological, marine, environmental satellite programs, and the establishment of high-performance simulation system for meteorological and marine minisatellites.

Dr. Xu Xiaofeng, Deputy Administrator of the China Meteorological Administration (CMA) attended the signing ceremony, hoping that the Centre could solve the problems of application of FY satellite data in operation and improve the application capabilities of GRAPES, to set up a good model among CMA and universities.

The three parties have long-term cooperation in research, such as jointly developing FY meteorological second-level application products, carrying out "multi-source spectral chromatography and three-dimensional numerical key technology" project and research on satellite data application in analyzing disastrous weathers.   

Recently, CMA issued a guidance for satellite remote sensing integrated application system construction, emphasizing the improvement of scientific and technological innovation mechanism, and mobilizing strength of institutes and universities. (July 12)

Reporter Lujian and Wu Xuebao
Editor Hao Jing