Real-time on-site services provided for the torch lighting of the National Sports Meeting

07-08-2017Source:China Meteorological News Press

At 9:00 a.m. on August 6, the torch lighting ceremony for the 13th National Sports Meeting was staged in Siyuan Square in Tianjin. Lv Xiaojun, the Olympic champion lighted the torch. From 8:30 a.m. on August 8, the torch will be relayed in 16 administrative regions in Tianjin. On August 27, it will be passed into the opening ceremony venue, Tientsin Olympic Center Stadium.

Tianjin municipal meteorological service dispatched the expert team and meteorological support vehicle to render services on the site, providing special report, and furnish hourly refined prediction service information.

At 6:00 a.m., the vehicle is ready and began to conduct real-time monitoring. Municipal meteorological station started to broadcast day-by-day weather forecast and provided hourly weather forecast from August 5. At about 7:00, the expert team contacted municipal meteorological station on the site and conducted analyses of weather conditions during the torch lighting process. They timely released weather phenomenon status targeted at weather features and ensured the smooth operation of the activity.

Tianjin meteorological support vehicle conducted monitoring at the site. Photoed by Zhang Yan

Mr. Gao Runxiang, deputy director of Tianjin municipal meteorological service, introduced that lighting span was susceptible to weather conditions. The fastest span is 20 seconds in sunny days, while in overcast days it may take 3 minutes to light the torch. Therefore, the municipal meteorological service should provide hourly prediction information concerning weather phenomena, temperature, moisture, and wind intensity, providing significant reference for the organizing committee of the national sports meeting.

The municipal government adjusted the date of the torch lighting and set it on August 6 according to the rainfall forecast and analysis made by meteorological departments. On August 5, short-range heavy rainfall happened. And the heavy rain gave rise to water-logging.


Expert team contacted municipal meteorological station at the site and consulted on weather conditions during the torch lighting process. Photoed by Zhang Yan

It is reported that Tianjin municipal meteorological service formulated in-depth implementation plan and organized 10 working groups in terms of prediction, on-site service, equipment support, and emergency support, and clarified respective tasks during all vital stages of the event. The Service also established an integrated prediction and warning platform and realized 1-km smart grid point forecast. Oriented towards diverse demands during varied stages of the event, the Service has made a service task list, formulated all manner of meteorological service special reports, and launched meteorological risk analyses and evaluations aiming diverse events during the game.

Besides, the Service has also launched the service website for the event and provided services on the official service mobile phone App of Tianjin Weather. The municipal government and the organizing committee can get access to real-time data like information, radar, and cloud images. The general public and athletes can access real-time refined prediction service information of different venues. (Aug. 7)

Reporter: Zhang Yan, Wang Lidan

Editor: Liu Shuqiao