The on-orbit testing of TanSat meets the desired requirement to ready for delivery

12-09-2017Source:China Meteorological News Press

Recently, China Meteorological Administration (CMA) held a review meeting about on-orbit testing for China’s first carbon dioxide monitoring satellite TanSat in Beijing. The review committee said that all the functional parameters and performance indicators of TanSat have satisfied the desired requirement and thus announced the on-orbit testing a success. As a result, the satellite is ready for on-orbit delivery.

With instruments onboard such as hyper spectral and high resolution carbon dioxide detector and the aerosol detector, the satellite can access global carbon dioxide distribution map through the ground-based data reception, treatment and verification system on a regular basis. On the strength of these instruments and capabilities, China has made its way into the global frontier in monitoring carbon dioxide. In the meanwhile, TanSat will effectively enhance understanding of the global carbon cycle, improve the reliability and stability of climate change prediction results, and provide evidence for actively responding to climate change.

The on-orbit testing result shows that TanSat is in good condition. All the functional parameters, including its orbit position and attitude, remote control and telemetering function, and data transmission are normal.

Mr. Yu Xinwen, Deputy Administrator of CMA, is satisfied with the on-orbit testing work. He said that TanSat is a collaborative effort made by different departments in a creative way and helps fill in gaps in monitoring greenhouse gases from space, laying a solid foundation for carbon dioxide observation in the future. (September 12)

Reporter Wu Ting

Editor Wu Peng