The 47th China Study Tour kicked off focusing on meteorological supports for "Belt and Road" and cooperation in central Asia

14-09-2017Source:China Meteorological News Press

On September 11, the 47th China Study Tour co-organized by World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and China Meteorological Administration (CMA) kicked off in Beijing. This study tour aims at enhancing the regional meteorological sci-tech cooperation in central Asia and providing capable meteorological service for "Belt and Road" initiatives. Liu Yaming, Administrator of CMA; Marat Kynatov, Director of National Hydrometeorological Service of Kazakhstan; Kuniyuki Shida, a representative with WMO and other representatives attended the opening ceremony.

Liu Yaming extended her welcome to the coming of study tour group. She said that China and Central Asian countries are geographically linked and thus face the same challenge against the backdrop of global climate change. On May 14 this year, WMO and CMA signed Letter of Intent between the World Meteorological Organization and the China Meteorological Administration to Promote Regional Meteorological Cooperation and Co-build the Belt and Road (hereinafter referred as Letter of Intent) at the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in Beijing. She shows that this study tour acts as a way of carrying out the Letter of Intent and hopes that the capability of disaster preparedness and mitigation as well as risk management will be elevated through the cooperation in basic capacity building, talent training, and exchange of information, etc.

“As an important member of WMO, CMA actively participates in scientific programs launched by WMO and provides support for other countries. The Letter of Intent will direct us at the future cooperation between WMO and CMA. I hope this study tour will deepen the cooperation among participating countries and lift the capability of monitoring and forecasting meteorological disasters as well as addressing climate change. ” Kuniyuki Shida said.

Marat Kynatov stated that the satisfactory cooperation between CMA and National Hydrometeorological Service of Kazakhstan goes back a long way. He hopes that this study activity will improve the meteorological service in central Asia and contribute to the Belt and Road initiatives.

The China Study Tour is a high-level capacity building program co-organized by WMO and CMA. As of now up to at least 500 senior officials from more than 140 countries have attended this activity. (September 14)

Reporter Hao Jing and Wu Peng

Editor Wu Peng