CMA and the Three Gorges Corporation discussed how to deepen all-round professional meteorological services

22-09-2017Source:China Meteorological News Press

On September 18, China Meteorological Administration (CMA) and the China Three Gorges Corporation held consultation to discuss strategic cooperation and reach a consensus on all-round professional meteorological services. Liu Yaming, Administrator of CMA and Lu Chun, Chairman of the Three Gorges Corporation attended the consultation and delivered speeches.

Liu Yaming said that meteorological departments had responsibility to provide better meteorological services for Three Gorges Corporation. She hoped two sides to further improve cooperative mechanism, widen cooperative fields and enhance pertinence. Meteorological departments will develop system services to form special meteorological services for Three Gorges Corporation. We will provide all-round services for construction and operation of major projects, wind and solar energy resource assessment and climate feasibility demonstration, and domestic and overseas operation. Meanwhile, more targeted and practical services will be provided.

Lu Chun said that the future development of Three Gorges Corporation needed more meteorological services. He hoped two sides could extend cooperative fields to the Yangtze River Basin, coastal areas and overseas fields to jointly improve level of forecast accuracy and resource development managment. Two sides could improve cooperation in the fields of refined forecast for the Yangtze River Basin, wind power resources development along the coast, offshore wind farm safe operation, wind energy exploring, scientific research and training, etc.

Before consultation, Lu Chun and his group visited National Climate Center to learn climate prediction, meteorological services for wind and solar energy development. (Sep.22)

Editor Hao Jing