CMA and Roshydromet held the 10th official meeting on science and technology cooperation

29-09-2017Source:China Meteorological News Press

CMA and Roshydromet signed the meeting summary.

On local time September 27 and 28, the China Meteorological Administration (CMA) and Roshydromet held the 10th official meeting in Russia,. Ms Liu Yaming, Administrator of CMA led the delegation to attend the meeting. During the meeting, She and Mr. Maxim Yakovenko, Director of Roshydromet, respectively on behalf of the two sides, signed the meeting summary. They further emphasized the importance of strengthening meteorological scientific and technological cooperation in the future.

In this meeting, two sides reviewed the implementation of the cooperation projects since the 9th official meeting and discussed future cooperative programs, including services for Beijing Winter Olympic, weather modification, numerical forecast, WMO information system, training, etc.

According the meeting summary, CMA and Roshydromet will carry out cooperation in fields of climate change and prediction research, numerical simulation and forecast for disastrous weather, weather modification, improvement of meteorological telecommunication system, environmental pollution monitoring, meteorological cooperation of neighborhood and meteorological training.

In Roshydromet, CMA delegation visited some operational institutions of Roshydromet, such as “planet” research center of Roshydromet, computing center, observatory for geophysics, institute of polar meteorology, etc. . (Sep.29)

Reporter Qian Xin

Editor Hao Jing