Mr. Yu Yong appointed as Deputy Administrator of CMA

11-10-2017Source:China Meteorological News Press

China Meteorological Administration (CMA) held a cadre conference on September 30. Ms. Liu Yaming, Administrator of CMA proclaimed the decision of the State Council and Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee on CMA’s leading team adjustment that Mr. Yu Yong was appointed as the Deputy Administrator and Member of CPC Leading Group of CMA, and Mr. Xu Xiaofeng retired from the Deputy Administrator of CMA and CPC Leading Group’s Deputy Secretary of CMA.

Liu Yaming expressed gratitude to Xu Xiaofeng for his contribution to the meteorological cause and remarkable achievements in meteorological operational innovation, general management, construction of talents team, international cooperation and related aspects.

Yu Yong expressed that he would keep his faith in the advancement of meteorological undertaking and reinforce the learning of integrated meteorological professions so as to meet the new post demands as soon as possible.

Xu Xiaofeng said he would continue to pay close attention to meteorological development and give supports if in need. Under the unprecedented and luciferous circumstance for meteorological development, he hoped meteorologists could develop strategic thinking to seize the opportunity to promote the progress of meteorological cause of China.

Yu Yong, born in 1962 in Heyuan, Guangdong Province, obtained B.S and Master’s Degrees in climatology from the Nanjing Institute of Meteorology and the Nanjing University respectively. He started his career in August 1983 and served as forecaster, Director of Central Meteorological Observatory, Guangdong Provincial Meteorological Service (GPMS). He was promoted to Deputy Director-General of GPMS and Director-General of GPMS from December 1998 to February 2004 respectively. From March 2011, he served as Director-General, CMA General Office and Emergency Response Office, holding a concurrent post as Director-General of CMA Communication and Outreach Centre from June 2012 onwards, and Director of CMA Modernization Programme Office from April 2013 onwards.(Oct. 11)

Reporter: Jia Jingxi

Editor: Chen Meiqi