Impact of cold air is to see an end while rainfall persists in middle China

12-10-2017Source:National Meteorological Center

Although the precipitation of southern Huang-Huai River, Han River and Han-Huai River weakened, because of the impact of lower level shear line, parts of Yunnan and southern Sichuan will see moderate to heavy rainfall with rainstorm in some portions in the next 24 hours. On October 12, central-northern South China and Guizhou will experience 4-6℃ temperature drop with wind of scale 4 in partial areas.

From the midnight of October 12 to the noon of October 13, southern Beijing, western Tianjin, central-southern Hebei, eastern Henan and western Shandong will be exposed to light fog and even heavy fog with less than one km visibility in partial areas. However, affected by cold air and strong wind, the atmospheric diffusion conditions of the above areas will get better from October 15. (Oct. 12)

Editor: Chen Meiqi