CMA will forge smart agro-meteorological data network

19-10-2017Source:China Meteorological News Press

It is informed from 2017 plan of smart agro-meteorological data construction that China Meteorological Administration (CMA) will propel the national data network underpinned by grid point data and connectivity between agro-meteorological data and products at the national and provincial levels. This network will distribute data to terminals like integrated national agro-meteorological information website, XN121 launched by CMA.

Smart agro-meteorological data is an integral component of meteorological big data. Meteorological departments will expedite developments in terms of grid point forecast, real-scene observation data transmission and information sharing platform; gradually normalize denomination rules and data format; construct agro-meteorological product making platform, forge exchange channels with distribution terminals like XN121 website; establish small climate and crop observation data transmission, storage and application system; and advance meteorological data construction.

The document has crystallized concrete tasks designated to national operational units and provincial (autonomous region and municipality levels) departments: formulating daily or monthly 5-kilometer grid point or site monitoring of major crop growing conditions and modeling products, meteorological conditions and disasters monitoring and forecasting products, and weather prediction products dedicated for agriculture; constructing national-level CIMISS agro-meteorological grid point product warehouse; forming public cloud data service platform and provide data services and real-time grid point products.

Currently, National Meteorological Center (NMC) and National Meteorological Information Center (NMIC) have completed development tasks of relevant platforms in the preliminary stage. At the end of October, local departments will initially formulate their specialized crop grid point products. It is predicted that in 2017, all product data will be shared to XN121 website and mobile phone APP of smart agro-meteorology. It is informed that CMA will also formulate national big data construction planning of agro-meteorology 2017-2020.(Oct. 19)

Reporter: Ye Shanshan

Editor: Liu Shuqiao