CMA and NOAA boost further cooperation in a few fields

03-11-2017Source:China Meteorological News Press

On October 30, the 20th joint working group session on cooperation in the field of atmospheric science and technology between National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and China Meteorological Administration (CMA) was held in Beijing. Ms. Liu Yaming, Administrator of CMA, and Dr. Louis Uccellini, the NOAA’s Assistant Administrator for Weather Services and Director of the National Weather Service (NWS) attended this meeting and signed minutes of talks. In addition, Mr. Yu Yong, Deputy Administrator of CMA, and Mr. Mark Paese, Deputy Assistant Administrator for Satellite and Information Services of NOAA were present at the meeting.

The two sides reviewed the progress and achievements since the 19th joint working group session, and reached a consensus on further cooperation in climate and monsoon research, developmental research, numerical weather prediction, meteorological modernization, and satellite meteorology.


Ms. Liu Yaming and Dr. Louis Uccellini signed minutes of talks Photoed by Zhuang Baiyu

Liu Yaming said that America’s advanced meteorological technology and meteorological experts’ professional dedication are a good example for CMA to learn. We should draw on its experience of building meteorological modernization. The meteorological cooperation history can trace back to nearly forty years ago when the two sides signed the Protocol on Cooperation in the Field of Atmospheric Science and Technology between the NOAA of the United States of America and the CMA of the People's Republic of China in 1979. These years have witnessed the deep cooperation and fruitful achievements between the two parties. She believes that the cooperation will further enhance the capability of prediction and forecasting and contribute more to the development of global meteorological cause.

Dr. Louis Uccellini spoke highly of China’s weather services and meteorological modernization. He gave the thumbs up to CMA’s contribution to global meteorological observation and forecasting service as well as practices of addressing global environmental risk. “China has made remarkable achievements in meteorological services and become one of the leading countries in world meteorology community.” Dr. Louis Uccellini said. He also pointed out that the bilateral cooperation has produced some tangible results in disaster prevention and mitigation, forecasting and prediction, and satellite meteorology. What’s more, these results have found their popular use in agriculture, water conservancy, and health care, benefiting extensive people and socio-economic development. He looks forward to in-depth cooperation as a way of improving meteorological technology level. (November 3)

Reporter Liu Shuqiao, Hao Jing and Jia Jingxi

Editor Wu Peng