Cold air will hit the north parts of the Yangtze River

08-11-2017Source:National Meteorological Center

In past two days, rainstorm wreaked havoc on central-eastern Hainan Island. Up to this morning, the total precipitation of Wanning and southern Qionghai reached 250-430mm. Now, the rainstorm of Hainan Island will be ended for a while except for light rain in today and tomorrow.

The National Meteorological Center forecasts the cold air is tendency to be active. From November 9 to 10, the temperature of north parts of the Yangtze River will drop by 6-8℃ even over 10℃ with scale 4-6 northerly winds. On the morning of November 11, the air temperature along southeastern Northwest China, central North and southern Northeast China will be down to 0℃.

Sleet or snow will hit northeastern Inner Mongolia, northern Heilongjiang and Jilin.(Nov.8)

Editor Hao Jing