Information-based plan designed to construct a coordinative, open, sharing and secure system

04-01-2018Source:China Meteorological News Press

China Meteorological Administration (CMA) has compiled meteorological information-based development plan 2018-2022 (hereafter referred to as the plan) echoing the call of several opinions on accelerating meteorological undertaking development by the State Council and the 13th plan on national meteorological development. This document has been formally approved by NDRC and released by CMA.

The plan orients toward the objective of establishing a coordinative, efficient, open, sharing and secure meteorological information-based system. It proposes to overtly facilitate more open and sharing data and cross-cutting integrated application benefits; elevate intensive and coordinative level of the system; fully leverage new information technology in meteorological field; shape up a preliminary smart meteorological ecological system built on information perception website underpinned by ambient intelligence, supercomputing center, cloud platform and open and interconnected big data cloud platform; and optimizing the governance system.

The plan has brought up 15 tasks falling into 5 categories. The tasks are mainly composed of: scaling up infrastructure level; supporting smart prediction development; boosting supply capacity of information service; build integrated information security system; enhancing the operational governance level; building ambient intelligence perception network, optimizing telecommunication capabilities, setting up professional cloud platform, improving high performance computing ability, beefing up information and resource integration; galvanize AI-based weather prediction and warning and impact-based prediction built on big data; underpinning major national strategic plans, promoting open and sharing resources, elevating resource supply quality, and realize inclusive service; bolstering internal security construction and external risk prevention and control; establishing governance system and intensive operational system.

The plan explicitly outlines the implementation of systemic project, march towards three major directions of platform-based operational development, Internet plus application, and big data value mining on the strength of emerging technologies such as cloud computing, Internet of Things, mobile internet and big data. It also proposes to lay the groundwork of meteorological cloud ecology based on interconnected information and resources, inclusive sharing, cloud deployment and terminal application of meteorological operation, service, and scientific research. Ultimately, a smart meteorological mechanism and new dimension will crop up characterized by smart perception, accurate prediction, inclusive service, sustained innovation, and science-directed management. (Jan. 4)

Reporter: Zhang Minglu

Editor: Liu Shuqiao