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Meteorological data sharing platform have benefited over 2000 institutions

Source:China Meteorological News Press23-01-2018

Recently, it is informed from China Meteorological Administration (CMA) that China Meteorological Data Service Center has boasted over 200 thousand cumulative subscribers and 170 million page views since its launch in 2015. With data orders breaching one million, taking the first spot among 23 national sci-tech resource sharing platforms. Meteorological data sharing platform have benefited over 2000 scientific research and educational institutions, enabling over 1.2 billion RNB direct or indirect revenues.

At the present, the website encompasses sharing of 12 categories, 1073 fundamental meteorological data products, and 7 big data services like meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation, and meteorological support for Belt and Road Initiative.

Among 597 enterprise subscribers, meteorological related sectors account for 20.7%, service sector 14%, agricultural science 11.5%. Subscribers from all walks of life have meshed with resources from other sectors and leverage those data in areas such as transportation, new energy, agriculture, and smart city, transportation, and food based on big data technology.

According to online survey results, open meteorological data have cut down on average nearly ten million RMB annually for enterprises.

Individual subscribers mainly hail from 29 sectors, preponderated by social welfare sectors. Individual subscribers are inclined to heed ground meteorological data and apply them in professional researches, industrial planning, transportation support. The website has stretched its reach to over 300 institutions of higher education on the strength of college students national innovation contest platform.

0ver 2000 institutions of higher education and scientific research institutions have had access to data service from this website. This colossal amount of data have underpinned over 2644 projects.

Beyond China’s borders, the registered subscribers have traversed 30 countries, with cumulative page views of 610 thousand.(Jan. 23)

Reporter: Zhang Gemiao

Editor: Liu Shuqiao