Integrity of CIMISS global observation data has increased greatly

01-02-2018Source:China Meteorological News Press

At present, there are TAC (character coding) and BURF (table-driven coding) formats in China's observation data which is from the World Meteorological Organization's Global Telecommunication System (GTS).

Recently, the National Meteorological Information Centre of CMA has realized the real-time integration and storage of these two data formats and greatly enhanced the integrity of global observational data of the National Integrated Meteorological Information Sharing Platform (CIMISS).

After integration, the number of global ground-based, ocean, air sounding and aircraft observation data records have significantly increased, such as the daily global ground-based observation stations increased to 11000 from 10000, adding stations from eastern South America and Europe; the daily record of global ocean observation data increased by 160%, mainly adding the ship and some buoy observations; the daily global air sounding observation stations increased to 800 from 750, adding stations from Canada and Europe; the number of daily aircraft flights providing observation data added to 6,000 from 2000.

The data has provided real-time operational applications, playing a noteble role in China’s atmospheric reanalysis, development of global grid meteorological data products and global sea surface temperature fusion products. (Jan.31)

Reporter Liuzhao and Wang Jiaqiang

Editor Hao Jing