Portions of central and eastern China will be exposed to relatively strong cold air

08-02-2018Source:National Meteorological Center

Today, in portions of eastern Xinjiang, western and southern Gansu, northeastern Inner Mongolia, northwestern Guizhou, northeastern Tibet, and Western Sichuan Plateau, light snow or sleet is forecasted. In addition, parts of southeastern Tibet will be exposed to moderate to heavy rain.

In the following three days, affected by the current cold air, most of central and eastern China will experience a drop in temperature up to 4~6℃. In portions of central and eastern Inner Mongolia and Northeast China, the temperature is expected to drop by 8~10℃.

What's more, in some certain locations of southeastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, northern Xinjiang, eastern Inner Mongolia, and central and western Gansu, light snow or snow shower is forecasted. (Feb. 8)

Editor Wu Peng