China released annual report of Fengyun meteorological satellite data service

02-03-2018Source:National Meteorological Center

Recently, China released Annual Report of Fengyun Meteorological Satellites Data Service 2017. In 2017, the total amount of China’s meteorological satellite data sharingexceeded 3PB, increased by 63.8% than 2016. Fengyun satellites provides data service for users from 83 countries and regions in the world. With the participation of users from Palestine and Jordan, 40 countries along the "Belt and Road" have chosen to use the Fengyun satellites to learn more about the atmosphere, the sea and the land surface .

The public at China and abroad takediversified ways to access Fengyun satellite data, images and products, such as visiting Fengyun Satellite Data Center website, FTP data sharing, phone APP, Wechat of Fengyun satellite, etc. And meteorological personnel could acquire data through the CMACast, satellite receiving stations, satellite data resource pool, FTP Intranet and other ways.

The website of Fengyun Satellite Data Center (http://satellite.nsmc.org.cn/portalsite/default.aspx?currentculture=en-US) could provide near real-time and historical data of meteorological satellite including China’s Fengyun-series satellites, China’s carbon satellite as well asGOES series satellites of US, MTSAT satellites of Japan, European Meteosat satellites and others. The website is a main data sharing service platform, with 60275 registered users in 2017 covering 96 industries, increased by 36.4% than 2016.

For the meteorological personnel, in 2017, the satellite data resource pool is becoming the best choice with the advantage of simple obtaining data. Since its introduction, the monthly average download volume reached 126TB, which became a main way for intranet users.

Fengyun series satellite data are the most popular, especially rainfall estimation products of Fengyun-2E, sea surface temperature, sea ice monitoring of Fengyun-3, etc.

Editor Hao Jing