Reporting event spearheaded by CMA focused on blockchain standardization and application practice

09-03-2018Source:China Meteorological News Press

On March 5, Mr. Li Ming, Director of blockchain study office of China Electronics Standardization Institute, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, was invited to delivered a report titled blockchain standardization and application practice in China Meteorological Administration (CMA).

Li ming elaborated on blockchain concept, standardization, industrial application and concrete examples, and introduced its standardization and application practice. He expressed that this technology was mainly composed of internet telecommunication, data storage, encrypted algorithm, consensus mechanism, and smart contract. He also briefed on the vertical application in terms of logistics and encrypted protection, as well as data exchange and sharing, and so on.

He introduced that the advantages mainly lied in elevating resource utilization, corporate image, ecological integration, data sharing, and customer serviceability. Despite all these, this technology is still confronted with multiple roadblocks, such as regulatory integration, new-type security, technological system and standardization elevation. (Mar. 9)

Reporter: Wang Liang

Editor: Liu Shuqiao