First China Aerospace Conference focuses on satellite application and services advances

26-04-2018Source:China Meteorological News Press

From April 24 to 25, First China Aerospace Conference, namely, satellite application and international cooperation forum kicked off in Harbin. This forum aims to consult on satellite application and services advances, beef up cooperation and exchanges, and provide space information for sustainable development, with the theme of “Belt and Road space information corridor lends support to sustainable socio-economic development.

Gaofen project is one of the 16 major scientific projects designated by medium to long term scientific development plans of China, constituting key components of this forum. 2018 China Gaofen satellite application national report, Gaofen-5 satellite data application international cooperaton plan, Emergency Support Mechanism for International Users of FengYun Meteorological Satellites in Disaster Prevention and Mitigation and others were released during the forum.

2018 China Gaofen satellite application national report has two volumes, which focus on the most central universal products, and constructed Gaofen satellite remote sensing application technological and product systems, which has made a crucial step in remote sensing application engineering and industrialization. The universal product volume has realized three firsts: delineated Gaofen application product system, laying the groundwork for normalized, pragmatic and standardized remote sensing products; analyzed 39+6 Gaofen application industry products in a systemic manner, and produced 39+6 major universal products; rounded out national level remote sensing universal product authenticity verification system master plan design. The standard regulations volume has revised and improved the standard system framework. After trial operation, it will be incorporated into the national standard system.

Patform is a one-stop information dissemination channel and service platform. The updated version will provide one-stop services for subscribers with efficient and convenient Gaofen remote sensing data.

It is informed that Gaofen project has been in implementation for 8 years. Gaofen data system encompassing various resolutions, coverage widths, spectrums, and visiting periods have shaped up, laying solid groundwork for Gaofen remote sensing application. In 2018, two Gaofen satellites will be lifted off, and conduct networking observation with in-orbit satellites, which will enrich data sources.

During key reports session, experts and scholars from home and abroad have conducted in-depth discussions oriented towards earth observation data application, Belt and Road space information sharing. (Apri. 26)

Author:Ye Shanshan, Zhang Hongwei

Editor:Liu Shuqiao