Beijing and Seoul join hands to advance Winter Olympics met cooperation

28-04-2018Source:China Meteorological News Press

From April 24 to 25, Mr. Jeon Jun-Mo, Director-General of Seoul Metropolitan Office of Meteorology (SMOM) led the delegation to visit Beijing municipal meteorological service. Both sides signed summary report of the Third Bilateral Meeting on Cooperation in Meteorology, and carried forward Winter Olympic Games meteorological scientific cooperation. Mr Yu Yong, Deputy Administrator of China Meteorological Administration (CMA) met with Mr. Jeon Jun-Mo, and reached consensus on enhancing cooperation.

Both sides have clarified cooperative activities in terms of meteorological exchanges and seminars on Winter Olympics meteorological services, social-based observation organization and data application, urban climate services and technologies and application, impact-based prediction advances, and joint urban meteorological prediction technology research. They also agreed to maintain exchanges of experts in 2018.

Mr. Yu Yong pointed out that 14 bilateral meetings have been staged between China and Republic of Korea since the signing of the cooperative agreement in 1994. In recent years, both sides have forged normal exchanges of meteorological personnel, covering national and provincial departments.

Mr. Jeon Jun-Mo expressed that SMOM will exert efforts to assist Beijing Winter Olympics services and anticipate in-depth cooperation in topics of common interest.

During the visit, the SMOM delegation shared their experience on Winter Olympic Games preparation, forecaster selection and training, on-site forecaster deployment, technical support, and observation site and network layout. (Apri. 28)

Reporter: Feng Ziyan, Ye Fanglu

Editor: Liu Shuqiao