The first batch of National Climate Symbol Cities selected, with Jiande and Arxan in the list

16-05-2018Source:China Meteorological News Press

The first batch of National Climate Symbol Cities selected, with Jiande and Arxan in the list

Recently, during the national climate symbol assessment report expert review meeting, Jiande in Zhejiang and Arxan in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has gone through the expert review, and made the list of the first batch of National Climate Symbol Cities. Jiande is certified as climate livable city in China, while Arxan is certified as climate ecological city in China.

National climate symbol is an authoritative certification of comprehensive qualification of the climate and ecological resources in a certain place, and a vital vehicle to tap into climate ecological potentials and values. The assessment and certification work can serve as guidance for people to have a science-based knowledge of climate, adapt to climate, harness climate and strive to protect the climate. It is also conducive to develop and leverage climate resources, explore climate values, protect climate ecological environments, create climate services models, and drive sustainable socio-economic development.

The leader of the expert review team, Dr. Li Zechun, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, remarked that building national climate symbol brand embodied innovative thinking and hoped that it would play an instrumental role in endemic socio-economic development and ecological conservation. Dr. Ding Yihui, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering suggested awareness should be heightened against climate hazards and the science-based, authoritative and pragmatic characteristics of climate symbol should be epitomized.

In December, 2017, China Meteorological Administration (CMA) released opinions on reinforcing meteorological support for ecological civilization construction, and proposed to shape up serial national climate symbol brands. In November 2017, certification work was kicked off. (May. 16)

Reporter: Zhao Xiaoni

Editor: Liu Shuqiao