433 weather stations recognized as Chinese Centennial Observing Station

05-06-2018Source:China Meteorological News Press

On June 4, 433 weather stations in China were recognized as the first set of Chinese Centennial Observing Station list, said a spokesman at the monthly press conference of China Meteorological Administation (CMA). According to the plan, these stations will be added on the key protection list and received local government protection commitments to ensure long-term observation, accumulate climate data. It will play a big role in support of climate change research, ecological civilization construction and use of meteorological data.

Centennial Observing Stations referring to those capable of carrying out long-term consecutive observation, fall into 3 categories, namely, with the time span of 100 years, 75 years, and 50 years, qualified for 9 aspects such as service years, historical data, regional representation, observation environment.

Among these 433 weather stations, 10 stations including Dalian, Shenyang, Xiongyue, Tsitsihar, Nanjing, Wuhu, Qingdao, Wuhan, Yueyang and Changsha were recognized centennial stations. 21 weather stations were accredited as 75-year stations while 402 weather stations were recognized as 50-year stations.

The identification and application work covers the entire meteorological field. Besides meteorological sector, there are 20 weather stations involving civil aviation, forestry, agriculture and others were recognized as 50-years stations in this time.

The identification work is launched at 2-year intervals and spearheaded by CMA. Provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) where observing stations are situated are in a position to nominate to CMA.

In 2016, WMO Centennial Observing Stations Identification Mechanism was formulated. In May, 2017, four centennial observing stations (Hohhot, Changchun, Yingkou and Hong Kong) and Xujiahui Observatory in China were engraved on WMO Centennial Observing Stations list. In the next phase, based on the identification work, CMA will proceed to select eligible observing stations and continue to nominate for WMO Centennial Observing Stations. (June 5)

Editor Hao Jing