CMA and FMI will further cooperate in six atmospheric science and technology fields

20-06-2018Source:China Meteorological News Press

On June 18 to 19 local time, the thirteenth Joint Working Group (JWG) Meeting between the China Meteorological Administration (CMA) and the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) was held in Finland. Ms. Liu Yaming, Administrator of CMA was invited to attend the meeting.

Mr. Juhani Damski, Director General of FMI extended a cordial welcome to the Chinese delegation headed by Ms. Liu Yaming and introduced the meteorological work in Finland.

Ms. Liu Yaming pointed out that both sides had scored fruitful results since the signing of the Protocol on the Cooperation in the Field of Atmospheric Science and Technology between CMA and FMI in 1988, effectively promoting meteorological scientific advances of both sides, and making an active contribution to global meteorological undertaking. Both sides stated that they will reinforce pragmatic partnership in atmospheric science and technology field and beef up strategic communication under the framework like WMO, contributing to the development of global meteorological undertaking.

Ms. Liu Yaming and Mr. Juhani Damski signed minutes of talks Photoed by Qian Xin

Both sides reviewed the cooperative activities since JWG-12, carried out discussions in terms of fields like atmospheric composition study, satellite data application, Arctic study, data quality control technologies, and follow-up activities in the next 2 years.

The meeting was concluded on June 19 local time. Ms. Liu Yaming and Mr. Juhani Damski signed minutes of JWG-13 on behalf of both sides. According to the minutes, both sides will implement six cooperative programs in terms of fields such as atmospheric component study, collaboration on comparison and assessment of China regional satellite-based snow products, urban transportation-oriented impact forecasting and risk warning, sensing monitoring of Arctic winter sudden warming events and assessment of impact on mid-latitude winter extreme weathers in Northern Hemisphere, data exchange and data quality control technologies, and satellite calibration and validation.

CMA delegation also paid a visit to departments of FMI, like Arctic Space Centre and Weather and Safety Centre, as well as Polar observation facilities. (Jun. 20)

Author: Qian Xin

Editor: Liu Shuqiao