Satellite historical data recalibration technology program is kicked off

14-09-2018Source:China Meteorological News Press

On August 23, the program of domestic multi-series satellites historical data recalibration technology was kicked off in CMA, Beijing. This program will conduct research into land, ocean, and meteorology multi-series remote sensing satellites, formulate historical data recalibration technological standard and regulations, study and develop PB-scale data intensive rapid reprocessing platform, produce multi-series satellite primary climate products streching to as long as 30 years and no fewer than 5 typical particular products, and conduct product verification and sharing demonstration.

Since the first polar orbiting meteorological satellite was launched in 1988, China has lifted off a series of remote sensing satellites ranging from meteorology, resources, ocean, environment, to Gaofen, which has accumulated continuous observation data as long as 30 years. As satellite sensors and payloads are updated, new and old observation data and remote sensing products have uneven problems in terms of accuracy, stability, and consistency, which cannot meet the research demand of long time sequence global climate and environmental changes.

This program explores multi-series domestic satellites historical data, breaches key technologies in terms of remote sensing payload radiation benchmark tracing, life span characteristic evolution, historical data quality reanalysis, beefs up the technological support of satellite observation for global climate change research, and provides Chinese plan for global climate change research and analysis.

It is informed that the program results will provide essential fundamental data for climate change principle research, uplift climate application capabilities, reinforce ecological environment monitoring and evaluation abilities, and scale up meteorological forecast accuracy, and serve “Belt and Road” construction. (Aug. 27)

Author: Ye Shanshan

Editor: Liu Shuqiao