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CMA and Swiss Space Office discussed scientific and technological cooperation on satellite payloads

Source:China Meteorological News Press12-09-2018

Yu Xinwen talked with  Renato Krpoun.

On September 10, Yu Xinwen, Deputy Administrator of China Meteorological Administration (CMA) met with Renato Krpoun, Head of Swiss Space Office (SSO) in Beijing. They respectively introduced the satellite development and discussed how to carry out scientific and technological cooperation on satellite payloads.

Yu Xinwen introduces that the Fengyun series meteorological satellites are not only widely used in China's disasters prevention and mitigation, addressing climate change and ecological civilization construction, but also play the important role in promoting global satellite data sharing, serving "Belt and Road" construction, and building a community with a shared future for mankind. SSO has advanced technology for satellite instrument research and development. The cooperation between the two sides is promising. It is hoped that two sides could play their respective advantages to promote satellite technology cooperation and serve the global public.

Renato Krpoun introduces that SSO is one of the European Space Agency (ESA) members, which undertake some projects about satellite instruments of ESA. Taking it as an opportunity, the SSO and CMA have carried out scientific cooperation in the development of Fengyun satellite instruments. He hopes that the two sides will continue to maintain close exchanges and explore more chances for scientific research cooperation. (Sep.12)

Editor Hao Jing