The second China-ASEAN Meteorological Forum held focusing on monitoring regional met disasters and information sharing

14-09-2018Source:China Meteorological News Press

The Second China Meteorological Forum was held.

On the occasion of the 15th China-ASEAN Expo and the China-ASEAN Business and Investment Summit, the second China-ASEAN Meteorological Forum, which themed as “Monitor Regional Meteorological Disasters and Share Their Information”, was opened in Nanning of Guangxi on September 12. This forum aims to promote technical interaction in meteorological operations and enhance cooperation for regional meteorological disaster preparedness and disaster risk management. The representatives from China Meteorological Administration (CMA), National Hydrological and Meteorological Services (NHMSs) of Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and other international organizations such as ESCAP and Typhoon Committee attended this forum.

Liu Yaming, Administrator of CMA expresses that this year is the second anniversary of the Nanning Initiative on China-ASEAN Cooperation in Meteorology (short for Nanning Initiative) adopted in September 2016 at the first China-ASEAN Meteorological Forum. In the past two years, with the joint efforts of the NHMSs of China and ASEAN and with the strong support of relevant international organizations, the Nanning Initiative has been well advanced with follow-up actions, with the interaction in meteorological science and technology deepening, contacts and visits becoming more frequent, and significant benefits emerging. In future, CMA will continue to take the advantages of satellite remote sensing, education and training to actively carry out the functions of World Meteorological Center (Beijing) and others, and further pragmatic meteorological cooperation with ASEAN countries.

Dr Andi Eka SAKYA, Indonesia Permanent Representative of WMO points out that natural disasters, in particular extreme weather and climate, is often transboundary. It is essential that regionally among countries impacted, works together to narrow knowledge gaps and to develop disaster risk management plans through more integrated and coordinated approach. Nanning Initiative described the spirit of cooperation between ASEAN Members and the Government of China, and lay the foundation in advancing the future of our meteorological services towards strengthening and improving better preparedness in facing the increasing weather-related hazards.

In the session, Shen Xiaonong, Deputy Administrator of CMA reviewed and summarized the progress of Nanning Initiative and the Letter of Intent between WMO and CMA to Promote Regional Meteorological Cooperation and Co-build the Belt and Road. Since September of 2016, there have been 20 newly registered users of FY Satellite Data Centre from ASEAN countries. CMA Atmospheric Observation Research Centre for ASEAN was established, which could provide platform for observation system co-building, data sharing for ASEAN countries. MICAPS has been put in operation in more than 20 countries and sub-regions in Asia. Since 2016, 26 short-term international training courses have been organized, with about 100 participants from ASEAN countries.

After full discussion, the representatives reach a consensus on further enhancing regional cooperation. In the next two years, China and ASEAN countries will strengthen Fengyun satellite data sharing and application, utilize Emergency Support Mechanism of Fengyun Satellite, promote construction of the Regional Multi-Hazard Alert System for Asia, continue to conduct international training courses, etc.

During the period of forum, facing ASEAN countries, CMA released Emergency Support Mechanism of Fengyun Satellite, and also delivered a meteorological video studio to Laos for improving its capability of disaster prevention and mitigation. (Sep.14)

Editor Hao Jing