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Specific R&D plan for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games is rolled out

Source:China Meteorological News Press26-09-2018

Recently, specific meteorological science and technology R&D plan for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games (hereafter referred to as the plan) has been rolled out. The plan has specified that meteorological departments will focus on refined winter weather forecast against the backdrop of complex topographic conditions, break through scientific bottleneck of refined grid meteorological forecast technologies in services for ice and snow sports events, construct a set of seamless weather prediction support system, and provide scientific support for high quality Winter Olympic Games services.

Accurate meteorological services pave the way for successful Winter Olympic Games. Meteorological conditions directly exert impacts on events arrangement and facilities maintenance, as well as athlete performance. All these factors have raised a higher bar for the scientific nature of meteorological services.

The plan has finalized 7 key research tasks in terms of frontiers such as integrated observation technologies and experiment studies, as well as refined numerical weather prediction technology and R&D. Meteorological departments will carry out more researches in terms of climate hazards evaluation, winter weather and climate patterns and prediction technologies, as well as specific supporting technologies, to formulate scientific research results in refined prediction, smart met services, and three-dimensional monitoring.

By 2020, meteorological departments will establish 0-24 hourly rapid updating multiple scale analysis and forecasting system.

Besides, artificial intelligence and cloud computing will find wider application in Winter Olympics. Meteorological departments will provide targeted services products for the public, transportation, and the media.

It is worth mentioning that meteorological departments will also harness this chance to formulate standard and protocol of meteorological support for winter ice and snow sports events and ramp up service capabilities and caliber for major events. (Sep. 26)

Reporter: Liu Ruoxin, Jia Jingxi

Editor: Liu Shuqiao