Deputy Administrator Yu Yong met with Najib Aqa Fahim on disaster mitigation

29-09-2018Source:China Meteorological News Press

On September 27, Mr. Yu Yong, Deputy Administrator of China Meteorological Administration (CMA) met with Najib Aqa Fahim, State Minister for Disaster Management and Humanitarian Affairs of Afghanistan. Both sides exchanged views in terms of topics like meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation, disaster management and monitoring, and response to climate change.

Mr. Yu Yong met with Najib Aqa Fahim Photoed by Zhuang Baiyu

Yu Rong reviewed the collaboration with Afghanistan in terms of meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation. CMA is in the midst of the implementation work of the pledge made by Chinese President Xi Jinping on harnessing FY-2 satellite to provide services for all parties of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). Afghanistan, as an observer of SCO, is a crucial recipient of FY satellites service. CMA anticipates to provide assistance for Afghanistan via FY satellites, deepen cooperation with Afghan disaster prevention departments, and furnish necessary support in terms of meteorological prediction and services, personnel training, and capacity building.

Najib Aqa Fahim said that China and Afghanistan are friendly neighbors from time immemorial. CMA has provided meteorological data, services, and technologies support for Afghanistan. He hoped that both sides could conduct more exchanges in a bid to assist Afghanistan to ramp up meteorological operational level and better tackle extreme weather events and climate change.

This year, Afghanistan was plagued by severe drought. At the request of Afghanistan, CMA designed dedicated service channel on the website of World Meteorological Center (Beijing) in terms of drought response services, and provided met data like weather forecast, precipitation, and drought impacts. (Sep. 28)

Reporter: Liu Shuqiao, Hao Jing

Editor: Zhang Yong