208 new-generation weather radars continue to come into full play in data application and research

29-09-2018Source:China Meteorological News Press

It is reported from the academic exchange meeting of new-generation weather radar, after 20 years’ development, China has put 208 new-generation weather radars into operation. The coverage within 1 kilometers above the ground has surpassed 2.2 million square kilometers, ranking the first among countries possessing disastrous weather monitoring radars.

On the strength of radar monitoring, the accuracy of short range nowcasting has been uplifted by 3% to 5% in China, with the time efficiency up from tens of minutes to several hours; through independent R&D and open cooperation, R&D capabilities of new-generation radars has been markedly improved; a series of technical standards and regulations have been rolled out; an relatively improved radar operational support system is constructed.

Experts from weather radar related operational and scientific research institutes participated in this event and conducted exchanges in terms of weather radar development prospects. (Sep.28)

Reporter: Wang Bing

Editor: Liu Shuqiao