Meteorological big data products are displayed in China International Big Data Summit

30-10-2018Source:China Meteorological News Press

From October 18 to 19, the fifth China International Big Data Summit was hosted in Beijing. Over 1000 big data frontier experts joined forces to prompt the deep integration of big data and real economy revolving around the topic of new engine of real economy integration, new development of digital economy. Experts from National Meteorological Information Center were invited to attend this event and delivered a theme report titled meteorological big data sharing and applied service platform.

This report focused on meteorological data openness and sharing, big data integration, and applied service innovation, introduced China Meteorological Data Service Center, and the application of information technologies like cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence in meteorological fields. By these instances, it shows the integration and application of meteorological big data with data from myriad sectors and fields, unleash values of meteorological big data, and assist in the deep integration of big data and real economy, and the exploration of high quality development.

Experts held the view that meteorological big data has high application prospects in areas like agricutural production, urban management, urban and rural planning and evaluation, mount torrents and geological hazards prevention and treatment, water conditions monitoring, forest fire early warning, transportation and tourism security suport, public health and disease prevention, and offshore operation and rescue. Promoting cross-sectoral and cross-regional coordination is conducive to further unleashing the potential of meteorological data. (Oct. 30)

Reporter: Li Yipeng, Chen Donghui

Editor: Liu Shuqiao