High Impact Weather Workshop held as its International Coordination Office inaugurated in CMA

23-11-2018Source:China Meteorological News Press

High Impact Weather Workshop held as its International Coordination Office inaugurated in CMA

From November 20 to 22, High Impact Weather workshop was held in Beijing. During this event, World Meteorological Organization (WMO) High Impact Weather International Coordination Office(ICO) was officially inaugurated in China Meteorological Administration (CMA). This ICO mainly provides support for high impact weather project planning and implementation, conduct coordination among participatory WMO members of the project, and help conduct cooperation with other related research and international programs.

This workshop is themed “Increasing value of weather-related early warning”. Participants conducted specific discussions in terms of conditions for successful warning, advances in weather processes and predictability, advances in weather-related disaster forecasting, advances in understanding impacts, vulnerability and risk, and measuring skill and value.

Mr. Yu Rucong, Deputy Administrator of CMA, remarked that against the backdrop of global climate change, high impact weather has exerted a more pronounced effects on society and economy, ranking as one of the six new challenges in the future 10 years proposed by WMO Commission for Atmospheric Sciences. CMA attached vital significance to effects of high impact weather, and actively engaged in the implementation of WMO international research programs.

Mr. Paolo Ruti, the Chief of the WMO's World Weather Research Division expressed that this project aimed to promote cooperative international research, to achieve a dramatic increase in resilience to high impact weather, to improve forecasts for timescales of minutes to two weeks and to enhance communication and utility in social, economic and environmental applications. He hoped that his forum would enhance all parties’ understanding of high impact weather related information, and further prompt collaborative sharing, weather forecast services, and program implementation.

It is reported that CMA also undertakes Sub Seasonal to Seasonal Archive Centre, TIGGE Archive Centre, and so on and contributes its share to global meteorological science and technology frontiers. (Nov. 23)

Reporter: Wu Peng, Hao Jing

Editor: Liu Shuqiao