Chinese and Korean technicians upgraded Sino-Korea sandstorm monitoring system

19-12-2018Source:China Meteorological News Press

Recently, technicians from the Dalian Meteorological Service, Liaoning Province and relevant technical personnel from Republic of Korea have carried out a comprehensive upgrade for the Sino-Korea sandstorm monitoring system.

The upgrade includes the replacement of the container, PM10 observation instruments, computers, UPS, laser radar and all equipment updates. After update, the operation interface of MEZUS610 type PM10 particle analyzer, LB201-D200 polarized laser radar becomes more simple, intelligent and more convenient for using.

The operation of the new system will greatly improve the timeliness and accuracy of the data. It is reported that Chinese and Korean technicians have also conducted training, exchanges and discussions on the use and maintenance of the new system to provide supports for safe and stable operation of this system in Dalian. (Dec.18)

Editor Hao Jing