Guangdong and Jeonju of Korea signed an agreement to enhance meteorological cooperation

21-12-2018Source:China Meteorological News Press

From December 11 to 14, the delegation from Jeonju meteorological service of Korea visited Guandong provincial meteorological service. Two sides signed an agreement to enhance cooperation and exchanges in aspects of meteorological disasters reduction technology, disastrous weather monitoring, observation data analysis and application. 

Korean delegation visited Guangdong provincial emergency warning information warning center, provincial meteorological observation data center, forecasting center, key laboratory of numerical forecast, Guangzhou and Dongguan meteorological office. They learnt information about Guangdong meteorological observation and detection station network deployment, forecast and warning development, regional numerical forecast model development and release, disaster prevention and early warning coordination mechanism operation, intelligent meteorological service product production, weather forecast and climate prediction accuracy, meteorological science outreach, etc.

They highly appreciated Guangdong's achievements in meteorological modernization and the establishment of a linkage mechanism for disaster preparedness and reduction.

The Jeonju meteorological delegation expressed hope to strengthen mutual exchange and cooperation to jointly enhance the capabilities of meteorological disaster management and addressing climate change in Northeast Asia. (Dec.20)

Editor Hao Jing