NMC issued three warnings for cold wave, snowstorm and marine gale

29-12-2018Source:National Meteorological Center

Since December 25, influenced by stronger cold, the temperature of the middle-lower reaches of the Yangtze River has dropped by 6-10℃ even exceed 12℃. At 8:00 today, the lowest temperature line of 0℃ located in central Zhejiang, northern Jiangxi to southern Hunan and southern Guizhou.

Gale and falling temperature forecast

From December 29 to 31, scale 4-6 northerly winds will blow central-eastern China. In central-eastern Qinghai-Tibet, Guizhou, eastern Yunnan, western South of the Yangtze River and South China, the temperature will drop by 4-8℃. The temperature of northeastern Tibet, West Sichuan Plateau, northwestern Hunan, northeastern and southwestern Guizhou and eastern Yunnan will fall down 8-10℃ even exceed 10℃. The lowest temperature line of 0℃ will move towards south and reach northern South China. The daily average temperature of southern China will be 5-7℃ lower than the normal years while 8-10℃ lower in Guizhou and western Hunan.  The National Meteorological Center continues to issue yellow warning of cold wave at 6:00 a.m. today.

The lowest temperature forecast

The National Meteorological Center continues to issue yellow warning of marine gale at 6:00 a.m. on December 29.Influenced by stronger cold air and tropical system, there will be scale 9-10 northeasterly gale and scale 11-12 gust in Taiwan Strait, southern Bashi Channel, northeastern and central-eastern South China Sea from daytime to night on December 29. In some parts ofEast China Sea, east sea areas of Taiwan, northwestern, southeastern and central-western South China Sea, the winds will reach scale 8 or scale 9-10 northeasterly gale.From daytime to night of on December 30, Taiwan Strait, Taiwan Strait, northeastern, southwestern and central-eastern South China Sea will experience scale 9 gale or scale 10-11 northeasterly gust. Meanwhile, scale 9-10 gust will blow southwestern East China Sea, southeastern sea areas of Taiwan, northeastern and western central-western South China Sea.

Marine gale forecast

From December 29 to 30, heavy snow will fall in Guizhou, central-northern Hunan, southeastern Hubei, northwestern Jiangxi and southern West Sichuan Plateau.  Snowstorm will hit some parts of central Guizhou and northern Hunan. The added snow depth will reach 3-6cm, and 8-12cm in some areas. Southern Guizhou, southern Hunan and northern Guangxi will experience freezing rain.The NMC continues to issue blue warning of cold wave at 6:00 a.m. today.(Dec.29)

Heavy snow forecast.

Editor Hao Jing