TanSat has been serving over 120 users since launched

03-01-2019Source:China Meteorological News Press

On December 21, Chinese global carbon dioxide monitoring satellite (hereafter referred as TanSat) was officially delivered to major users during the work conference of the two-year anniversary of its launch.

Since its successful launch on December 22, 2016, TanSat has completed the testing of performance indicators of 109 thousand items and generated data like global carbon dioxide concentration. By December 15, 2018, TanSat has served 122 users and the cumulative service data has reached 187.54TB. The data is open to the world and forcefully underpinned global carbon cycle scientific research.

Related departments will deepen in-orbit satellite management, as well as operation and maintenance work.

At present, continuous monitoring and analysis capacities of key factors like affecting climate change in the world remain weak. After TanSat was delivered to major users, it will provide data support for China to monitor global atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration. (Dec. 29)

Reporter: Ye Shanshan

Editor: Liu Shuqiao