CMA helps Afghanistan with drought relief through WMC Beijing

07-01-2019Source:China Meteorological News Press

In 2018, Afghanistan has experienced severe droughts, especially in the northern and western parts. At the request of the Afghan side, the China Meteorological Administration (CMA) established a special service channel for Afghanistan on the World Meteorological Centre (Beijing) portal.

The WMC (Beijing) Operation Office organized the National Meteorological Center, the National Satellite Meteorological Center, the National Climate Center and the National Meteorological Information Center to develop and release drought-related monitoring, forecast customized products as soon as possible. 

So far, it has provided more than 20 kinds of drought-related products such as cloud images, ground temperature and precipitation products of Fengyun-2H satellite, GRAPES mode deterministic and ensemble forecast products, precipitation climate prediction, etc. These products provided effective service for Afghan meteorological departments. (Jan.4)

Reporter Wang Yi

Editor Hao Jing