NMC to issued blue warnings for rainstorm and snowstorm of southern or central parts

08-01-2019Source:National Meteorological Center

The National Meteorological Center issued blue warnings of rainstorm and snowstorm at this morning. From January 8 to 9, there will be heavy rain or rainstorm in Yunnan, Guizhou, northwestern Guangxi, southeastern Chongqing, western and northern Hunan. The extreme rainstorm with 100-110mm will hit southern Yunnan. Heavy snow will fall in southeastern Shaanxi, northern Hubei, western and southern Henan and central-western Anhui. Northern Hubei and western Anhui will experience snowstorm. The snow depth will reach 3-5cm even 8-10cm.

Severe snowstorm forecast

Severe rain forecast

Influenced by cold air, the haze of central-southern North China, northern Yellow-Huaihe basin and Fen-Wei Plain will be weakened. Heavy fog will shroud southwestern Shandong, eastern Henan and northwestern and southern Hubei. (Jan.8)


Editor Hao Jing